Annual Meeting 2013

August 5, 2013

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Somali Forum for Progress Finland has entered its fourth full year of activities. The 2012 will be remembered for the innovative Somalia Goes Movies -weekend. In 2013 we shall pursue two literary projects and continue the thematic work on both domestic and international issues at our hearts – peace and development – nabad iyo caano. Especially we look forward to contributing to the work of Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (image HIPS logo 2013) based in Mogadishu.

The SFPF circular letters issued lately are attached to this brief – SFPF CIRCULAR 2012, SFPF CIRCULAR 1-2013, SFPF CIRCULAR 1-2013 E.

The meeting will take place on Sunday August 11th at Kepa’s NGO premises in Toolontorikatu from 16 to 18 hours.

SOMALIA GOES MOVIES – event in Helsinki 13-14 October 2012

October 20, 2012

SOMALIA GOES MOVIES HELSINKI 2012 F  (programme/ohjelma)


Hundreds of Finnish experts with their families worked in Somalia in the 1980s. They had the pleasure and the privilege to learn much about the beautiful, sun-endowed country , its rich cultural heritage and its energetic and creative people.

Once the civil war reached Mogadishu towards the end of 1990, the foreigners were evacuated and many Somalis fled to exile. Even Finland, a faraway country in the north, became the new home to thousands of refugees. By 2012, the communiy of Somali speakers in Finland has risen to near 15.000.

The Somali community in Finland hosts expertise in many fields and sectors. The SOMALIA GOES MOVIES -event pays tribute to the young filmmakers, screenwriters, documentarians and artists with Somali background.

All movies (none of them brandnew) to be screened on Saturday 13 October 2012, though spoken in Finnish, have subtitles in English. The three thematic workshops to be held on Sunday 14 October will use as references movies, documentaries and film clips from both the 1980s and the 2000s.

You are most welcome to take part to this event, let’s make it a joyful and encouraging one for all!

Soo dhowaada! Tervetuloa!

More on event available in the attached leaflet and on the event website

Should you need additional information, please contact us at

GLOBSOM – Let us increase peace and become changemakers!

October 14, 2011

Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Espoo, Finland  hosted with grace and standard the two days event 9th to 10th June, 2011.  GLOBSOM is a joint initiative of the Hanasaari Centre, Somali Forum for Progress Finland and three Somali youth organizations Finnish Somali Students Association, Landers and Solay.  The themes of GLOBSOM 2011 were increasing peace, learning mediation strategies, multiculturalism, media and communication. Our guest speakers and mentors were Anisa Doty (FCA), Oskari Eronen (Ministry for Foreign Affairs), Kirsi Joenpolvi (CMI), Eva Biaudet (OFM), Abdi Aynte (Al Jazeera, Doha), Marita Rainbird (Icebreaker Produc-tions) and Jesca Muyingo (Nelonen Media).  Thank you, kiitos, tack, mahadsanid, every one!

An interview with Abdi Aynte is published on Global.Finland (in Finnish) and in Journalisti 13/2011. Read also Abdirizak Hagi’s article and Hanasaari cultural centre’s press release.

An account in Finnish of the full programme is available  on a new page.

Globsom – Somali youth for peace and development

May 12, 2011

Somali Forum for Progress Finland together with the Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre is planning a two days’ workshop on peace and developmetn for future changemakers. The event will take place in Hanasaari, Espoo on 9th to 10th June, 2011. The Globsom initiative is a comprehensive plan for empowerment of young Finns with Somali background. More information will follow.

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April 3, 2011

SFP seminar in Nairobi

November 2, 2010

Abdihakim Aynte, on behalf of the Somali Forum for Progress, called for a meeting in Nairobi for young Somalis concerned with the current political and humanitarian crisis in Somalia and looking for to render their contribution to the peace process and rebuilding of Somalia.  The seminar took place on 22nd of October 2010 and was attended by 28 persons from Somalia, Kenya and abroad.

The guest speaker was Professor Ahmed Mumin Warfa, who in his introductory lecture emphasized three main issues regarding the theme: the establishment of forums and youth groups such as SPF, the promotion of the value of education, and enhancing the commitment and loyalty to the cause of rebuilding a nation. Ignorance is unequivocally the root of all evil in Somalia, and its eradication will eventually contribute to building a healthy society and hence a strong nation, Prof. Warfa was quoted to say. He added that another importance issue is the focusing of efforts to localities. If every youth group made the development of their neighborhoods and regions (states) a priority, this could be a good step towards a more general development. “It is more of a scenario where the sum of the parts will create more value than the total of the individual parts”, he concluded.

Women and peacemaking in Africa

July 4, 2010

Finland-Somalia Association, Somali Forum for Progress Finland and Ministry of the Interior’s AFRO-project were hosting a seminar in Helsinki on June 15, 2010.  We had the pleasure of having Prof. Aili Tripp from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to give a talk on women and peacemaking in Africa. Her enthusiastic and encouraging contribution was commented and complemented by presentations of Maria Mekri, Mulki Mölsä and Pia Stjernvall. Engaging and empowering the women to claim their rights within and through the peace and reconciliatory processes in many post-conflict situations have transformed both the political discourse and the legislative representation in many African countries.

Civil society as peacebuilders in Somalia

April 29, 2010

A Seminar arranged in the context of Finnish Social Forum in Helsinki on Sunday 25th April at Arbis, Helsinki.

The speakers were Abdihakim Aynte (Somali Forum for Progress), Abdirizak H. Mohamed (Finnish Somalia Network), Hanad Abdullahi (Horseed Mediayhdistys), Mukhtar Abib and Yusuf Mubarak (Finland-Somalia Association). Moreover, Maija Kajava presented the comics workshop arranged in Hargeisa by Warda Ahmed and the Finnish NGO Shiffa.

See for more information (in Finnish)

A call for peace, justice and development

February 20, 2010

 Welcome to the blogsite for Somali Forum for Progress Finland (SFPF), a NGO established in Helsinki in January 2010 and registered to the Finnish Register of Associations on 7 June 2010.

SFPF is backstopping the interactive platform SOMALI FORUM FOR PROGRESS ( aimed for people supporting a developmental approach to the many serious challenges Somalia and Somalis worldwide are facing.

SOMALI FORUM FOR PROGRESS is concerned about the horrific costs years of anarchy and armed violence have caused for the people and the fragile environment in Somalia and joins the local, national and international efforts to bring relief and new hope for the troubled Horn of Africa region.

We will be working in five modes – editorials, blogs, discussions, news and articles/archives.

For more information please contact