SFP seminar in Nairobi

Abdihakim Aynte, on behalf of the Somali Forum for Progress, called for a meeting in Nairobi for young Somalis concerned with the current political and humanitarian crisis in Somalia and looking for to render their contribution to the peace process and rebuilding of Somalia.  The seminar took place on 22nd of October 2010 and was attended by 28 persons from Somalia, Kenya and abroad.

The guest speaker was Professor Ahmed Mumin Warfa, who in his introductory lecture emphasized three main issues regarding the theme: the establishment of forums and youth groups such as SPF, the promotion of the value of education, and enhancing the commitment and loyalty to the cause of rebuilding a nation. Ignorance is unequivocally the root of all evil in Somalia, and its eradication will eventually contribute to building a healthy society and hence a strong nation, Prof. Warfa was quoted to say. He added that another importance issue is the focusing of efforts to localities. If every youth group made the development of their neighborhoods and regions (states) a priority, this could be a good step towards a more general development. “It is more of a scenario where the sum of the parts will create more value than the total of the individual parts”, he concluded.

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