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GLOBSOM – Let us increase peace and become changemakers!

October 14, 2011

Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Espoo, Finland  hosted with grace and standard the two days event 9th to 10th June, 2011.  GLOBSOM is a joint initiative of the Hanasaari Centre, Somali Forum for Progress Finland and three Somali youth organizations Finnish Somali Students Association, Landers and Solay.  The themes of GLOBSOM 2011 were increasing peace, learning mediation strategies, multiculturalism, media and communication. Our guest speakers and mentors were Anisa Doty (FCA), Oskari Eronen (Ministry for Foreign Affairs), Kirsi Joenpolvi (CMI), Eva Biaudet (OFM), Abdi Aynte (Al Jazeera, Doha), Marita Rainbird (Icebreaker Produc-tions) and Jesca Muyingo (Nelonen Media).  Thank you, kiitos, tack, mahadsanid, every one!

An interview with Abdi Aynte is published on Global.Finland (in Finnish) and in Journalisti 13/2011. Read also Abdirizak Hagi’s article and Hanasaari cultural centre’s press release.

An account in Finnish of the full programme is available  on a new page.